(Greens Against NAMA)

will start a campaign to publicise

the ineffectiveness and failings of NAMA

here on Monday 5th October at 12am.

The campaign will be an Internet based discussion, with room for contributions from everyone.

There will be videos, quizzes, contests and maybe even a little comedy to lighten the gloom.

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5 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Administrator Says:

    We are just getting started on this. Hold on to your hats, it is likely to be very bumpy exciting ride.

  2. Pat Kavanagh Says:

    Congrats on website. Its good to see an open discussion forum to clarify some of the issues around NAMA. I’ve been to 3 full day economic conferences organised by the Green Party since January, so I know quite a bit about it, but nobody has been able to give me ONE good enough reason why the taxpayer should pay more than current market value for the toxic loan books? I’m still waiting?


  3. John Mulcahy Says:

    American Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz calls NAMA ‘Criminal’ on RTE television; watch here – RealPlayer required

  4. John Mulcahy Says:

    David McWilliams article in today’s Irish Independent here:

    Quote from same:
    “The great managers and politicians are those who can see beyond the bubble and do the right thing using a combination of clear analysis, questioning, judgment and experience. This weekend the Green Party has an opportunity to step out of the bubble and see NAMA for what it is. It is an extension of bubble thinking.

    Rather than learn from the mistakes of the past and say never again, the Greens have been duped into bubble thinking by the mandarins, a thinking which says that the solution to our uncompetitive economy is more bank lending, more money going back into land and a higher tax burden on people for useless land that we are now supposed to want to buy with money we don’t have.

    Let’s hope that this weekend, the Green management listens to the Green players.”

  5. Irish Pancake Says:

    Hi there GAN

    Good to see your campaign under way, hope you succeed.

    On Joseph Stiglitz, there is a very good Youtube video of him here (link below) being interviewed about TARP, the American version of NAMA, which was where Peter Bacon got his NAMA ideas from.

    It is interesting to hear a Nobel-winning independent Economist give his views regarding overpaying for Toxic Assets.

    Hopefully this will help inform those Greens who have any doubts about what NAMA is.

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