GAN lets the people speak

NAMA is a complex messy proposal. But we found that a fair number of people have seen through the spin to get to the heart of the issue. Let us hear what you think – leave a comment, please.

And now for you viewing pleasure……

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2 Responses to “GAN lets the people speak”

  1. Peter Mathews Says:

    Around 2002 the Irish Banks abandoned the fundamental Priciple of Fractional Reserve Banking. This resulted in irresponsible and dangerous creation of a credit pyramid evidenced by extremely bad lending over the last 5-6years (in total bad lending may amount to €100bn out of total balances on loans to customers now standing at about €400bn). …………………… The NAMA Proposal is not as transparent. The operation of NAMA would create “swamp” and “fog” uncharted conditions thus delaying market corrections and economic recovery.


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  2. benedictryan Says:

    And furthemore
    The odds are against NAMA working.
    That is a totally irresponsible risk to take.
    In a study sample of 40 countries banking crisis between 1970 and 2000 only 15 used a NAMA ( a centralised asset management company)
    In a study of seven countries that have tried it only three can be said to have acheived their goal.
    See excerpts (below) from two World Bank research reports


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