Request for independent scrutineering at the Special Convention

GAN is requesting that an independent scrutineer be appointed to observe the count at the Green Party Special Convention on Saturday.

GAN spokesperson Arthur Doohan said

“ Given the seriousness of the issue for the party and the country, it is vital that there be absolute confidence in the quality of the result. In light of the confusion surrounding the Athlone preferdum and some other recent ‘counting’ issues within the Green Party, we all need to be clear about this result, whatever it is.“

GAN are open to suggestions as to the person or persons selected and have suggested some names to Party HQ. GAN regret having to go public on this but they got a flat refusal when it was first put to HQ today.

The spokesperson said that it was “a pity that the leadership wasn’t coming up with these suggestions themselves. Clearly, they are busy with other issues but, equally clearly, it is vital that this be done right. This is not about not trusting the leadership. This about showing the country that we are doing this absolutely correctly, in the light of concerns that have been raised about the small number of voters taking this potentially huge decision.”


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