Who are GAN

According to John Gormley, GAN are 80% of the Green membership.

GAN are the people who have been working since NAMA was announced to have it debated by the whole of the Green Party because it is such a huge gamble and so completely at odds with ‘green’ thinking.

GAN are a broad group of Greens who believe that NAMA is

  • a fudge to protect the ‘Golden Circle’
  • a postponement of the inevitable day of reckoning for the boom exceeses
  • a recipe for a worse disaster in 5 or 10 years time

GAN are the people in the Green Party who believe in honesty, transparency, sustainablility and accountability in Irish politics and, to our way of thinking, that means that YOU are GAN.

What is GAN

GAN is an internet based debate forum for commenting on and contributing to the debate on NAMA in the days before the Special Convention. It is not a media campaign and it is not anti Green. We are not focussing on mainstream media but if our efforts and concerns are reflected there, well and good. We are about strengthening the Green Party by having as much open debate about this crucial matter as is possible.

Why do this now.

We wanted to work within the Green Party as much as possible. We are working within the rules of the Constitution. We have organised internal seminars and conferences and meetings. We were respectful of the Party’s efforts with respect to the Lisbon referendum. There are 5 days left where the only Green issue and the only national issue is the NAMA vote and the PfG vote. We believe in our cause and in the obligations of and rights to free speech

How is GAN going to work.

GAN is an internet discussion. We are going to present articles and videos and dialogs on this site. We hope to hear from our critics as well as our supporters, within and without the Green Party since this is a national issue. We will not censor anyone as long they are constructive and polite.

We are not going to be focussing our efforts on a media campaign. We will respond to media requests.


Appearing on a computer screen, before your very eyes, right now!


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